Creating Customized Twitter Backgrounds

Creating customized twitter screen backgrounds, attracts more people which in turn accounts to more people following you. A customized twitter screen background is a way of showcasing your style quotient, professionalism and speaks a lot about your organization skills.

Creating free customized twitter screen backgrounds is easy and fun too. The status of the account holder should be good enough to begin with. One can project oneself, one’s blogs, brand, sites freely using twitter generator tool.

This feature of creating a customized background is supplied by twitter’s “Twitter Image”. Twitter Image is ready to provide you with all the above services provided you have at least 5000 followers. They provide this service for free by only crediting themselves on the screen background. There certainly is no harm in doing so.

They consider many factors before providing a free customized twitter screen background. Factors that are kept under consideration are status of a person’s blog, site, tweeting frequencies and many more. They receive many applications every day, so all they say is please fulfill the above factors before applying.

If one fails to fulfill their criteria to apply for a free customized screen background, one can still get a customized background by paying $100. However, it is best to improve twitter status by getting a free customized background rather than pay $100.


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