Strong passwords are very essential to safeguard your personal information, from the so called predators who are lurking to access your online accounts/details.

But creating long and strong password is really a headache. You need to make the password lengthy, mix numbers and punctuations and vary the Caps of the alphabets and more importantly it should not be a dictionary word as it they are the easiest to hack.

Password Chart, solves all this problem for you. It creates a password  using the keys from your complete keyboard, adds complexity, introduces some special characters and makes your password hacker proof.

There are two levels in creation of the passwprd. In the first level, user enters a phase to create the password chart, and in the second level, user enters a password (something which can be easily remembered by the user), and this is converted to a complex password using the chart created in the first level.

You have options to include numbers and punctuation. That’s it and the Password Chart creates a very complex password for you which you can use online.

Creating Strong Passwords Is Very Easy With Password Chart

It works on any computer and you can also take an offline print copy for your future reference. Since everything happens within a browser, there is no question of any security breach. It is free, secure and easy.

Now you just have to remember the phrase and the password, to recover the password if in case you ever forget, however, it is recommended that get a copy printed offline so that there are no confusions in future.

To check how strong the created password is, go to Password Checker and enter your password. If it’s medium, go back to Password chart and create another password, until you get a good or best password.

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