One of the best ways to generating new ideas, develop revolutionary trade practices, discuss company policies, office/ work related issues and conduct skill development classes is to take them out on a picnic or a learning-holiday to an exotic natural locale out of the city and mundane life. But if this outing is not carefully planned and executed it can bomb and be totally unproductive. Given below are ten sure shot steps for conducting that outing.

Location: Choosing the location is very vital, find one with a meeting room, outdoor games facilities such as golf, tennis, swimming, gym etc. If it is going to be a day-trip ensure that it is not more than an hour’s drive from the city.

Event management: If the meeting is going to involve lots of people then you should have a formal registration. You could even make it department wise so that you will know how many reps are there from each section of your company. Have enough signboards directing employees to their event locations.

Retain an event coordinator: Most venues provide an inhouse event manager to assist you organize better. You can employ one temporarily so that he/ she plans the entire event and makes arrangements much in advance.

Concentrated event: Keep the event focused on one main theme. If there are too many themes members will get confused and lose focus. Figure out and make the rationale behind the offsite clear to all participants well in advance.

Create enthusiasm: Plan several group activities including, group dynamics, games, competitions and contests. All activities should center around emphasizing team-building, original thinking, taking initiative, responsibility, faith etc. This will make employees work as a team for the game and later at work too.

Catering is vital: Ensure that you make good food arrangements for your participants. Decide on the menu well in advance and make allowance for all kinds of eaters: vegetarians, non-vegetarians (chicken, fish etc).

Game and leisure time: Don’t make the offsite all work and meetings, leave some big gaps so people can catch up a game of tennis or a swim.

Speaker: Get a good speaker and human behavioral scientist or management consultant. Preferably get someone who has wide experience and is famous in the same field of business.

Closing the event: Ensure that the closing ceremony is an interesting one. Let it be simple and precise. Remind them of the goal of the meeting and distribute small prizes for those who won the games.

Follow-up meeting: Once back in the office, have a small follow-up meeting so that you can get the employees feedback and discuss the ideas and plans generated during the offsite.


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