2011 Civil Services Examination (Preliminary) – Civil Services Aptitude Test – Schedule / Syllabus

2011 – Civil Services Preliminary Examination schedule is announced on Official UPSC website.

You can download the syllabus for CSAT from this link.

When will the notification for CSE(P) CSAT come out ?

The date of notification will be on: 19.02.2011

When is the last date of receipt of CSAT applications ?

The last date for receipt of CSAT CSE(P) applications is on: 21.03.2011 (MONDAY)

When will CSE (P) CSAT Exams be held / conducted?

The date of commencement of  CSAT exam is: 12.06.2011 (SUNDAY)


  1. hello!i am finish b.c.a ,now i want to study i a s ,so please kindly
    suggest me ,what are subjects are taking to study,and what is the age limit of (M.B.C) .

  2. HELLO!
    I AM FINISHED B.C.A GRADUATE,NOW I WANT TO STUDY IAS,would u pls kindly suggest me , what are the subjects required to study ,format of exams ,and also age limit.

  3. an OC person can attempt the exam 4 times while it is 7 fr SC/ST candidates.age limit fr oc candidate wud be 30 while for SC/ST its 35

  4. Hello!

    Will you give the details about the number attempts can be made by candidates from each category.

    Thank You.