Currently Offline Gmail Is Only Offered To UK And US Users

At last Google has officially announced the long awaited “offline Gmail” for free webmail service that is applicable for UK and US English users only. With this latest service provided by Google, the users can still browse the Inbox, read the email and can even draft email when their connection is in the offline mode.

This feature of offline Gmail can easily be activated through some simple setting. The users will have to go to the Gmail account, and then click “Settings”, after that go to the tab named “Labs”. Select Enable option near Offline Gmail and then save changes before you leave that page.

After this feature gets activated, technically the service provided by webmail makes use of the Google Gears in order to download the local cache of the user’s mail. Then the cache is made to synchronize with Gmail’s servers while users are online.

After the users go offline, the Gmail will automatically switches into offline mode. They can use the data stored in the computer’s hard disk rather than the information that is available on the servers. Presently this new feature of Gmail is still under the beta phase as further testing is being conducted. You can check out the guide here


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