Customize Quiz To Learn Or Train Others On Geography With Enigeo

Many a times, our mysterious earth is a paradox for most people, who have no idea about the names of various countries across the world. With the ongoing hustle and bustle that keeps us so involved with our day to day activities, we hardly get any time to understand the cultures of different countries around the world.

Obviously, it requires a thorough understanding, which is beyond the geographical locations and names of nations. Well, Earth is no more a mystery now, thanks to so many applications that are being developed these days. One such application is Enigeo.

Enigeo is a geography quiz, which is specifically designed to familiarize the users with numerous countries across the world, in an interesting two-dimensional and interactive way.

Enigeo is an excellent educational resource for understanding geography, and a the best part about it is – it comes free of charge with Microsoft Windows. Users are given the privileges to custom design the quiz.  They could select their preferences on the names of the countries, their capitals, culture, flags, and location or work with a combination of any of these.

Users can restrict the questions of quiz to a particular content, if they wish to make the educational process more efficient or highly relevant to their requirements. Special note to parents: If you wish to improve your kids general general knowledge, then put in a bit of hard work, and get your kids to answer those quizzes.

When you launch the quiz, the word map will be displayed on the main screen. You can find a quiz of the top left corner of the screen. All the user needs to do is, point at any particular position on the globe by using the mouse. Then they get an option to select their preferences from the sidebar. You could also try zooming in or zooming out of the maps, which is just like how you can do on the Google Earth.

If the user wants to get the information about a particular country, then they just have to take their cursor towards the map and they will get all the details. It is pretty much a very handy application to have especially if you have children at home. The children of these generations are very fortunate to get interesting applications like these, which come very handy from their holistic education point of view.


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