Customize Tab Settings Via Foxtab

Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers that provide faster browsing to the users. Sometimes users need to work on different websites simultaneously and they have to open them in different tabs. However, it takes so much time to manage and toggle between two or more tabs at a time. Now Firefox users can have the better web browsing experience by having useful tool named FoxTab.

It is free tab management add-on for Firefox web browsers that allows users to manage their tabs easily and arrange them in a sequence. With this application, users can change the tab into 3D thumbnails so they can easily view and tap on the required page immediately. Instead of toggling between various active tabs in order to see which one is needed, users can easily view them as thumbnails and click on them to get instant access.


Apart from this feature FoxTab allows grouping, closing, filtering and switching along with active tabs easily and quickly. It is small add-on which doesn’t consume so much space and allows the users to customize the thumbnail view according to their convenience. There are various layouts of thumbnails to choose from such as:

  • Stack: 3D Thumbnails will be piled one after the other.
  • Wall: Thumbnails will be displayed on a bowl-shaped virtual 3D wall.
  • Grid: Thumbnails will be aligned in a grid
  • Row: Thumbnails will be arranged Horizontally
  • Carousel: Thumbnails will be arranged circularly

Users can choose one of them to customize their tabs properly. FoxTab supports almost all operating system such as Windows XP, Windows vista, Mac OS X, and Linux. If you want to experience fascinating browsing via Firefox web browser, you must install this utility add-on, which is free to download and use. Users can easily download FoxTab from here.


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