Windows XP Screensaver Power Toy is a free online application that gives you the ease to convert any video supported by Windows Media player into your Windows XP screensaver. Via the means of this tool, you can easily convert and play a video clip from a movie, song or a dance sequence, played by movie maker 2 as your desktop screen saver.

Users can easily access the application of Windows XP Screensaver Power Toy by installing the plugin supported by WMPlugin. This plugin is available for free and does not require any other program for its access. The requisites for accessing this application is a system loaded with an internet connection. Your system has to be equipped with Windows MediaPlayer 9 and a flash player to access the videos and further save them as screen savers.

By selecting a video as your customized screen saver, you can further implement changes in it, lest it becomes a distraction for you. You can configure a part of the video to revolve around a loop and keep repeating itself over and over again. You can further mute its audio and subject it to random play. This application is best used by the users who are habituated to leaving their systems in idle modes while taking a break or lunching. Instead of leaving your system unattended, in any random mode, it is better to activate a screen saver to leave your system active when you are not around.

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