Map driven lifestyle is getting well known amongst Indian customers. I wrote about how iNav was making an effort improve the safety of working women. Now we have SatNov, a Hyderabad based company is all set to tie-up with some of the top car manufacturers in India to proivde them with GPS software. They are expecting to close deal with two companies by the end of this month.

Dedicated Navigation Devices Soon To Hit India

They’ve got a VC of 30 Crore rupees from Sequoia Captial, of which they plan to develop high quality maps for 10 Crore Rs. In the intial round, they plan to market their product in 100 different locations where they can sell their product.

Apart from Car industry, they also plan to venture into te mobile phone industry. They are in talks with HTC and Nokia and are expecting positive result there too.

The Indian customer segment should now be geared to recieve these dedicated navigational gadgets which hit the market soon.



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