Microsoft Windows as well as other browsers and programs access Registry at least a hundred times in the time span of one second. It is but obvious a slow registry process makes you computer slow. Understanding the essential need for a fast system, Registry Defrag, significantly boosts the speed of your computer by helping you with a potential way to defragment your Registry. Apart from defragmentation of your Registry, this application also helps you to eliminate gaps and make your system more contiguous and fast.

The significant advantage of this application is that it allows even a novice user to speed up his computer and proceed with the Registry. Registry Defrag offers a fabulous detailed visual representation of the fragmented specimens and areas in your computer. This application also generates a spectacular presentation of the updated Registry after its defragmentation. As observed after the defragmentation, this application displays thorough details on the defragmentation process in form of an HTML report.

Registry Defrag is available for free of cost by the Registry clean Expert. This application is supported by Windows XP, ME, Windows 2003, Windows XP pro x64 edition and Vista 200. This application works towards analyzing and checking the Registry integrity. It ensures the backup and then easy restoration of the entire registry. Registry Defrag is also popular for its stringent checks on the font keys of Windows and the ActiveX keys. It also maintains an account for the uninstalled entries in your system and keeps a close check on the startup items of Windows.

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