How to Defrag Hard Disk?

Fragmentation takes place whenever operating system does not allocate adequate continuous space for storing an entire file like a unit, but rather places parts in the spaces between the other documents (usually these spaces occurs since they earlier kept a document which the windows or other OS has ultimately deleted or for the reason OS or Windows allocated excessive space for those files in the initial place). Fragmentation makes your HDD drive to perform more slowly.

For Defragmentation of HDD drive open My computer right click > C:/, Now Click > Properties > Tools > Defrag Now and Click > Ok

This process is very simple and uncomplicated. If your PC does not have sufficient space on hard disk, then windows is not going to assist you with Defrag. This is one major drawback of this application. Once your computer becomes slow due to insufficient storage space, it is recommended that you free some space on your HDD drive and enhance the performance. It will be better for your computer if you run this application twice in a month. Furthermore, there are times when you might get a message stating “Window does not need to Defrag”, even then you must proceed and run this application. I would like to suggest you to use this utility to maintain your HDD more efficiently.

Our Conclusion


Defrag utility is the best utility to increase hard disk space at their best. I would recommend you to use this utility twice or thrice in a month. This utility does not harm your hard disk such as crashing, data lost and others.


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