In case of FaceBook you will get two options when it comes to deleting the account. One is permanent deletion of the account and another is temporary deletion of the account.

Let us find out how to deactivate Facebook account as temporary:

  1. Go to FaceBook account
  2. Search for account option in the profile page’s bottom area.
  3. Click on account, then click on deactivate account and at last click on deactivate.
  4. FaceBook will ask few security questions, answer them
  5. Again click on deactivate at the bottom end of the Page
  6. Enter the word verification and select OK
  7. Your account will be deactivated

I’ve already discussed how to delete Facebook account forever, let us recap the points here:

  1. Delete FaceBook account, click on that option
  2. Confirm your deletion process
  3. Your FaceBook account will be deleted after you have confirmed it.

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