Delete Older Blogs From Blogger Account

Bloggers can create and post many blogs as there is no limit on it. If excessive blogs are clogging-up a blogger’s dashboard, then managing the new blogs may become inconvenient and difficult.

Generally, this occurs when a new blog is ready to be either edited or posted. However the cause could be anything, but there might be a requirement to remove few older blogs from your blogger account.

Few simple steps to remove blogs out of the blogger account are as follows:

  • Login to blogger account with your login information.

  • Now, on the “blogger dashboard”, select on: “settings” tab.

Users can also try selecting on either “New Post” or “Customize” tab in the Navigation-Bar while viewing the blogs to be erased. In such cases, select on “settings” tab.

  • Now, select on the “delete blog” button on the top right corner of basic settings window page.

  • Now, select on “Delete This Blog” button to affirm the permanent removal or deletion of this blog from bloggers account.

Note: Before Deletion of the Blogs make note to save those blogs by downloading them on your local computer systems. There is an option provided to Export blogs on navigation bar with “Export it” button and the exported blogs are available in “.XML” format.


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