One of the users wanted to know if there was a way to delete Selective search history in Firefox. There is a way to do this in Firefox and thought this post could help others as well.

Let’s say you go to your friends house, or in college library or another person uses your computer in your house, and you browse something which you don’t want other’s to know about, but you don’t want to delete all the history too, that’s when you can use this trick. There is a way in which you can delete only selected URL’s from your history in Firefox. To do that open your Firefox browser and press ‘Ctrl + Shift + H

A search box opens like this which looks like :

Image Hosted by

You can manually select all the sites that you want to delete

1> Right click on URL want to delete,

2> Click Delete.

If there are a lot of similar URL’s you want to delete,

1> Search for a word in that URL in the Search box in the right upper corner,

2> Select all

3> Right click and press Delete.

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  1. easy to remember.. but is there any universal solution for all browsers? f.e. a portable program or something else. I have found a soft (History Killer Pro – ) which selectively removes any history item of any browser (even with search&remove) but it is not portable.. Any ideas?


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