Delete Your Confidential Files Permanently From Your Hard Disk With Tiny Shredder

Previously, we have discussed earlier about few data deleting tools such as Disk Wipe and Disk Redactor. These tools are used to delete your sensitive and important data securely from the selected drives. However, if you think that these tools are very complicated to use, then you must try this one called Tiny Shredder.

This utility tool is specially developed keeping users convenience in mind. This application is very easy to use and delete files from the selected drives securely and completely without leaving any chance of recovering the data with any tool.

Once this utility tool is installed, you will see an interactive user interface similar to Windows Explorer. There is no need for you need to sign-up or register, but you just launch the application and start using it. To delete any files permanently, you need to drag files form one pane to another pane.

Now, these files are ready to be removed completely. However, you can customize the settings according to your preferences such as change the selecting procedure either you choose one layer, random data, or two layers.

Note: Make sure that you have chosen the exact desired files or folders to be deleted because once the file is deleted, it is irrecoverable. However, you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to delete or not.

Tiny Shredder consumes only 74kB of hard disk. This application is compatible with Windows system. It is free to download on your system.


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