Desk Pins Utility Tool Utilized To Arrange Favorite Programs On Desktop

Most of the times we tend to run quite a lot of programs on a computer screen and if the volumes of the various programs are reasonably high, we may wind up getting irritated while arranging the programs on the desktop.

Finding a right application or program will be a tricky task, as we have to browse through various programs listed on “Taskbar” and then click on the correct program.

However, this seems to be a tedious task for everyday users, if the essential programs could be maintained on the top of the additional programs listed on desktop, it would allow a user to access those programs effortlessly.

DeskPins, a freeware which can be utilized to set our favorite programs on stay on top of other listed programs on windows after they are launched. With this utility tool, individuals can easily pin their preferred programs to arrange them on the top of additional programs displayed on desktop.

Just get this utility tool download and installed and an icon is displayed on your computer desktop’s system tray. Highlight the respective Icon and then point it to the required program to be pinned. Once the programs are pinned, they will start to appear as important ones over other programs listed on desktop. It utilizes minimal system resources and very simple to use.


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