Freemp3get is a freeware tool that searches for your favorite music files in You Tube and allows you to download them. This tool just uses a little portion of your RAM even if you have a long list of songs for download. It installs itself into the minimum space, thus, it does not exhaust much of your system’s resources. As the name suggests, this application does not require any registration or coding process. Simply visit its official site, download it and start accessing it.

Freemp3get bears some of the most popular settings offered by an MP3 player. These are mono or stereo, and bitrates. You can select your favorite mode to best enjoy the music file you have downloaded. One of the striking benefits of this tool is that you can enjoy quality downloads with crystal clarity.

It has an extremely easy to use interface. You don’t have to be a qualified technician to operate this tool. It offers you a search bar by the name Search Music. Type the name of the song, artist or album you want to download. Then click on the option search now. Your search will take you directly to the list of numerous songs by that name in You Tube. Scroll down to view all the options, click on the desired option and hit download. Further, this tool has an inbuilt music player that allows you to listen to the song without downloading it. If you like the music, click on “Stop Playing”. Then, simply download the music.

[ Download Freemp3get ]

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