Desktop Preview Enabling Or Disabling In Windows7 Operating System

The latest feature provided by Windows 7 is the Desktop Preview that is also called Aero Peak. The Desktop Preview is actually a feature designed specifically for desktop enhancement functions.

The Desktop Preview allows the user to temporarily minimize those windows that are open, and also make the open windows transparent for previewing what is on the desktop, when the users place their mouse pointer into mouse over that “Show Desktop” bar, which is on the right end of Windows taskbar.

Since the Desktop Preview that is a part of the Aero Peek feature, the Windows 7 should be configured for enabling are turning on the feature of Windows Aero Glass, and it must select a theme provided by Windows.

Process 1: How to Enable or Disable the Desktop Preview through the Taskbar and Via Properties of Start Menu.

  • Firstly, right click on Start button after that click on the Properties. The user has to right click on empty space that is present on the Taskbar, after that click on the Properties.
  • Then Go to Taskbar tab.

  • After that the user will turn on the Desktop Preview, then check or tick the checkbox to enable the option of Desktop Preview.
  • For Turning Off the Desktop Preview, the user will have to uncheck or unclick that checkbox for stopping the Desktop Preview option.
  • After that click OK

Process 2: Turning On or Turning Off the Desktop Preview from Show Desktop Button

  • At first right click on show desktop button that is in the far right side of Windows Taskbar.
  • For turning on the Desktop Preview (i.e. the default configuration), the user has to select the Preview desktop that is present in context menu.

  • For turning off the Desktop Preview, deselect the Preview desktop in the context menu.
  • After that click OK


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