Desktop Slideshow Feature In Windows 7 Changes Or Rotates Desktop Background

A new feature named Desktop Slideshow is added in Windows 7. The Desktop Slideshow has ability to auto-rotate or auto-change the wallpapers among all the wallpapers that you select as desktop background. Just before launching Windows 7, Microsoft had integrated the Vista OS with the Windows Dreamscene feature. It was pretty impressive but the functionality of rotation not up to the mark.

Desktop Slideshow provides a new way to set up the desktop in Windows 7. It appears as middle ground between animated video background and traditional wallpaper which is pretty much same as DreamScene. However it is not a complete replacement for DreamScene, as it changes the wallpapers among the selected bunch by rotating them in background automatically.

In previous beta of Windows 7 now you can stop the rotation of desktop wallpapers slideshow when there is very low battery power situation in notebook computers. You may also set the frequency of transition interval as 10 seconds up to one day. It gives the ability to customize transition effect also randomize slideshow pictures to appear randomly.

However, the Desktop Slideshow is locked in preBeta Build 6801 Milestone 3 of Windows 7. To start using this feature you have to apply a special hack.


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