WinPatrol is a tremendous protective tool that detects malicious software and parasites that disrupt your system. It is one of the most effective tools available on web that combats malicious programs and spyware installed in your system. It conducts several inspections through all the storage locations in your system. Some of the locations include, programs launched during start-up, scheduled tasks, browser, My documents, cookies services, inbuilt drives etc.

WinPatrol takes a snapshot of your system on a periodic basis. It further alerts you in case of any change that take place without your knowledge. It is the pioneer system that optimizes heuristic behavioral approach in scanning prospective attacks. Due this efficient approach, it is one of the most potent defense tools for your system. It promptly alerts you on all the programs that get installed in your system without your permission.

What makes WinPatrol different from the rest of security programs? This program detects and alerts you about harmful new programs as well as old programs existing in your system. Whereas, the traditional security agents just scan your hard drive and search for previous threats. WinPatrol is supported by all the versions of Windows Operating system. It is immensely compatible with Windows 98 and advanced editions until Windows Vista.

This application allows you to clean your internet explorer for better output. It further helps you to operate your startup programs and Firefox cookies on keyword search. You can also opt to hold a launched start up program with this tool.

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