Detect Processor Security-Related Features Using SecurAble

Whenever you buy a computer, you normally think about its speed and RAM memory size before making an appropriate choice. Today, most of the CPU microprocessors are loaded with a number of interesting capabilities and features apart from great speed. You can easily find out whether or not your system possesses some of the important features by using SecurAble.

SecurAble helps you to determine the architecture of your system (whether it is x86 or x64) and to check whether it supports hardware virtualization and hardware DEP. SecurAble explores your CPU processor and verifies presence/ absence as well as operational status of these most important security related CPU features.

  • 64-bit (X64) instruction extensions.
  • Checks for hardware support to detect and prevent code execution in program data.
  • Verifies hardware support for Virtualization Technology.



CPUs with 64-bit architecture are capable of running 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista and Windows 7 OS which generally have the OS kernel locked down. Buffer overflow attack exploitation can be stopped with the help of Hardware-enforced DEP.

One can use virtualization technology for creating fully contained Windows environments which can be used for running applications installed in “virtual” machine directly from the host operating system. SecurAble can be downloaded free of charge from the internet and requires no installation.


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