Determine Your Internet Speed Using Online Tools

Internet surfers want a good speed of net connectivity to browse and download quickly. Few individuals with broadband connectivity experience adequate net speeds while other users with cable, DSL and dialup connectivity experience slow speed.

One can check their respective net speed using speed meters available online for free and determine the net speed provided by their internet service provider for downloading and uploading. These tools are freely available and will display the exact statistics of your bandwidth.

There are thousands of websites which provide tools to test your net speed; you can Google to find one suitable for your needs. The best websites which provide accurate results on net speed are as follows:

Browse the above websites and run a test. These online tools will then download a script on your computer system & resend them to check with their server. This is how they are able to figure out your upload and download speed. This is the best method of checking your internet speed against the one provided by the internet service provider.

These tools give you accurate results and help you in nabbing any internet theft too.


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