There is always a lot of controversy when it comes to smart phones, what operating system they use, which ones are better, and why. The latest trending topic is the rift that has occurred between Adobe and Apple.

Both of these multimedia electronic giants have been working together in an attempt to create a Flash player able to run on the iPhone. Unfortunately, as reported by Apple, Adobe promised a working version of Flash for the iPhone about two years ago, but has not delivered any results.

The problem with Flash is that it is unreliable and has constant issues. Adobe claims that without the Flash player, Apple users will be devastated at the lack of videos they can view on their devices. Unfortunately for Adobe, Apple has already found a solution.

Apple put their thoughts about Adobe Flash in a sixteen hundred word post on their site. To sum it up, Apple claims that Flash is a closed system and that Flash is outdated and unusable for Apple products. Apple is now going to use HTML5, CSS and JavaScript rather than Flash player. HTML5 gives more options for web developers and allows consumers to view graphics, animations and other media on the web without using a third party plug-in. You can read the full post on Apples thoughts on their website.

In response to the post on Apple’s site, Kevin Lynch (Adobe CTO) replied with a blog post as well. In his post he basically responded that Adobe will be working with Android smartphones and they will also be working with RIM, Palm, Microsoft, Nokia and others. Adobe is now going to take their toys elsewhere because Apple doesn’t want to play nice.

So what does this mean for Apple users? Good news in fact. HTML5 is a sophisticated web browsing tool that will make it much smoother and easier for Apple consumers to browse on their iPhones. Also HTML5 is newer and more advanced than Adobe and it opens up a lot of opportunities for web developers to make smart phone use better than ever.

Now back to the original question: Did Adobe split from Apple or vice versa? From the looks of things, and order of posts, it seems that Apple actually cut the ties with Adobe, just Adobe made it more official and clearly stated they will not be working with Apple. Although who cares who split first? Good thing is that now Adobe will be working hard to develop a better Flash player and Apple will be working with HTML5 and competing. Competition leads to better products and lower prices which is always good for us consumers. 🙂


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