Most of the content we see on the web exists because markup languages like HTML and XML exist. Well at least that’s what we are thought about in academics.  That we know, but some of you might not know that this class of languages in not limited to two or three. Lets look into a few more that are used extensively:

DHTML: Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language can be described as a combination of several technologies like HTML client-side java script and cascading Style Sheets. Most of the pages and multimedia content on the web are created using DHTML.

XHTML: eXtensible Hyper Text Markup Language. Traditional HTML does not impost much structural strictness, sometimes resulting in poorly-displayed pages. The use of XHTML enagles content to be displayed similarly across different browsers.

VoiceXML: Used in Voice interaction between humans and computer, mainly in systems that enable you to, for example check your credit card balance over the phone. the logive- like dialogue management and speech recognition- is defined by voiceXML

LaTeX: A document markup language used mainly bye mathematicians, authors, etx to typeset their content. It is suitable for representing mathematical formulas.


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