If you are into watching the streaming P2PTV with PPStream, you’ll be glad to know that the new version has been released for free download now.

If you have older versions already a new computers, your PPStream TV software will prompt you about this new upgrade that is available, whenever you launch it. You could just follow the instructions and upgrade your streaming software.

If you face any issues while downloading or installing the upgrade, you could also get the installer software from their official website. It is a free download.

However, from some of the people response on the PPStream software, it did not really reflect on them being too happy about it. Some of them feel that it could have a few bugs which might hinder a smooth viewing P2PTV experience.

Caution: Furthermore, spyware installation or backdoors to spyware installations have been mentioned by some people as well.

Please make sure that the upgrade is safe for your computer, in order to enjoy a smooth streaming P2PTV experience on your computers. Also ensure that you keep your anti-virus updated regularly, especially before installing any new software on your computers.

Update: latest version of PPStream (direct link)


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