PortableApps.com is a complete set of portable apps to help you operate your favorite programs in computer. This application offers you a platform that works with any removable hardware like, USB, portable hard drive, ipod etc. The list of portable apps include web browser, office suit, email, calendar / event scheduler, sudoko game, password manager, minesweeper, PDF reader, backup et al. All you need to do is plug in your removable and portable device in the USB port of your computer and you are ready to work!

Most of the versions of Portable Apps suite have menu that details the users on the portableapps.com and the backup utility autoplay configuration and start shortcut. This application is available to the users in three editions, Standard Edition which can easily run on a drive with 512 MB storage space. Lite edition which can run comfortably on a drive with storage space 256 MB and base edition which requires storage space of 1 MB. All these editions allow you to carry your necessary programs along with you and access them on any computer supported by Windows. All these three editions help you avail and add varied applications to the portable Apps Menu from its directory. Users can freely use this application while traveling, without the fear of leaving the traces of your personal information behind.

Portable Apps suite is available for free and does not require uploading any other program. There are no spywares and advertisements disrupting as pop ups once you download this application. Also, your usage will not be restricted to any limited trial period.

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