How To Disable And Enable Cookies In Firefox Browser

The information about user’s activities stored by websites in the browser is known as cookie. It is a tiny part of entire data that stores information of users. The information stored in cookies is user name, time of last log in and preferences etc.

Cookies provide much useful information to the administrator of website. It also makes browsing easy. However, there are people who do not like to enable cookies or vice versa. If you use Firefox to browse then this blog will surely help you out. Here is a tutorial that can help you to disable or enable cookie.


Steps to enable or disable cookies in Firefox browser

  • Go to Tools> Options> Privacy
  • Browse Use custom settings for history from Firefox will menu
  • To enable cookies mark the option named Accept cookies from sites.
  • To disable cookies unmark Accept cookies from sites.
  • Now click on OK to implement the changes.
  • You are done. 

There is another useful inbuilt feature of Firefox browser that allows you schedule enabling cookies. Navigate to Keep Until menu to get following options

  • They expire: Cookies will be automatically deleted as per scheduled by website
  • I close Firefox: Cookies will be cleared as you close web browser
  • Ask me every time:  You will get notification by Firefox each time when website store cookies.


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