Disable And Stop Auto Reload And Refresh In Firefox

Auto Reload and Auto Refresh are extremely useful for bloggers or webmasters who want to keep a tab on the increase in page views and even have a check in the revenues collected by advertisements. The web page which the user is accessing asks the browser like the Firefox to refresh automatically after a certain period of time. This can be done by simply adding the code <meta http-equiv=”refresh”>.

A user doesn’t blog the whole day, so sometimes the auto refresh feature might become irritating. Whenever you are accessing some other web page and doing something important. It gets really irritating if the page reloads automatically. This feature of automatic refreshing and reloading can be disabled as per the users’ convenience.

 In order to block or disable the auto reload and refresh feature of the Firefox Browser, follow the steps given below:

Go to the Tools tab and then under it click on the options followed by advanced, general and then the accessibility button. You will come across a check box with the message indicating warning the user every time the browser wants to auto refresh a web page. Check this check box and click on the Accept button.

The above mentioned steps change the configuration of your browser and might ask the user to reboot or restart the system. The accessibility.blockautofresh setting is set to true.

After successfully completing the above mentioned process, Firefox disables auto reloading and the manual refresh button is visible now. Users can also use the F5 key to refresh the web page.

If in the near future the user wants to enable the auto refreshing of web pages then he/she can simply go to the commands mentioned above and then uncheck the desired command. This will set the accessibility.blockautofresh setting as False.



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