Facebook, the online social networking site, has added a new feature that takes your privacy and throws it out the window. There is an auto facial recognition feature that is ON by default. Unfortunately there are a lot of issues with this and they completely outweigh any positive points that this feature may have.

First off, this feature is ON by default. I personally know that my parents are TERRIBLE at adjusting the privacy settings for Facebook and the fact that this is on by default means that millions of people who DON’T want to have their face stored in Facebook’s database for recognition will have go figure out how to go turn it OFF. For the average person it should be fairly easy, but I know numerous people who just aren’t that great with computers. Those who aren’t computer literate will likely leave this feature on because they don’t understand, or don’t know how to remove it.

Secondly, this is a godsend for stalkers of any kind. All they have to do is just take a picture of someone they want, upload it on Facebook, and voila! There is all of their targets personal information! Being able to identify people without another person’s consent is a complete violation of the personal information that millions of people have entrusted to Facebook.

Are there any positive features about this auto facial recognition?

Yes of course. Now when you are uploading pictures you no longer have to tag people manually! That extra few seconds spent on each picture is now yours!

Unfortunately if you want this feature gone you’ll have to manually disable it.

How can I manually disable Auto Face recognition feature on Facebook?

You can do that by going to your Facebook page, go to Account then click the ‘Privacy Settings’ option. Once there, click ‘Customize Settings’. Once you’ve done that, scroll down and go to the ‘Things others share’ section. Click ‘Edit Settings’ next to the spot where it states the feature will use a comparison of photos to tag you in new photos.  Switch this section from ‘Enabled’ to ‘Disabled’.  Should you decide to change your mind later on, then simply follow those same steps and switch it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Enabled’.

For a much easier way to learn how to disable this auto recognition feature, you can view the short video below.

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