Settings To Disable Post Revisions Tracking System In WordPress 2.6 And Higher Versions

WordPress includes various features, such as integrated link management, template processor system, engine friendly, clean permalink structure etc. WordPress includes a fully loaded plug-in architecture that allows the users as well as developers to expand its functionality in addition to the features that appear as element of base install.

The company has released another new feature concerning the publishing system of WordPress Blogs. The WordPress version 2.6 and above, has the post revisions tracking system which is analogous to version control system.

This system gives a new style of tracking like Wiki and edits that were completed on the posts or pages. The system, Post revisions tracking, allows a Blogger as well as gives rights to analyze, who and at what time, made what modifications to whichever post or page. It gives facility to analyze against the differences among every saved version. Also you get the option to go back to the older version.

There is a wp_posts table which has capacity to store every version of post revisions in the WordPress database. Particularly when user prefers to click on “Save” button while writing a post or page, this database record may grow up larger and become bulkier. If it is not specifically configured, the feature auto-save in WordPress does not actually create a new revision version. This is contrast to popular belief about WordPress convenience.

When there is an increment in the size of database, this will indubitably put more strain which cause web server to become busy. Due to this reason, it slows down the post recovery as well as webpage serving. On the other hand, backups of WordPress database will seize a more long time and also take more bandwidth while downloading.

The feature of post revisions tracking and keeping can be turned off. This is helpful for the users who feel that inbuilt “AutoSave” feature in WordPress editor is not suffice for them.

The “WP_POST_REVISIONS” can be used in “wp-config.php configuration file” to set the status state. This feature is constantly provided by WordPress.

You can just add the following code line to “wp-config.php” file in the home directory of WordPress Blog. This method is used for disabling automatic post revisions for all the versions of WordPress. The line code is as follows: –

define(’WP_POST_REVISIONS’, false);

When this setting is made in WordPress, it does not try to store any revisions, with the exception of the one that is “AutoSave per post”.



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