Advanced Setting For Firefox 3 To Change Anti-Aliasing The Smaller Text

Firefox browser is one of the popular browsers, which is normally rated among the top 3. There are so many versions of Firefox, which were updated from version to version. The Firefox has released a new updated version comprising of most advanced features, named as Firefox 3.

Firefox 3 browser users might have already noticed that this version brings into play an anti-aliasing system. This technique is aimed at reducing the distortion of web contents. This setting is provided as default, and Firefox 3 applies to all the websites, regardless of text volumes.

There are some settings which can be used to improve the display depending upon your system preference. The “X” operating system users can force the Firefox browser to track OS X system setting simply by disabling the anti-aliasing settings for the texts of smaller sizes. This will give you a good idea about what would be best setting to optimize your display.

Just follow the settings below: –

1. First of all open Firefox 3 browser.

2. Type “about:config” in location bar ( don’t use the double quotes). Then you’ll come across the warning message which reads something like “I’ll be careful, I promise!” just click on it.

3. In the filter text box type “gfx.use_text_smoothing_setting” for locating the preference name as stated.

4. You have to Double-click on it, after that modify the value to “true”.

5. Just restart your browser after completing this.


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