How To Disable Tcp/Ip Routing Automatic Process Of Metric Calculation Feature

TCP/IP is a packet which is used in identifying networks, with which we can forward the data and transmit it to destination address. It is used for connecting to the internet. The process is called as a routing which includes selecting ways/paths in network along nodes like routers, firewalls, gateways, hubs, switches which distributes network traffic. Now you must know some technical configuration of routing.

During the routing process, the path selection is based on routing metric. If your computer has multiple network cards, means there is various routes available to destination. Then paths selection chooses the best route metric which computed by routing algorithm.

Routing algorithm takes information such as network delay, bandwidth, path cost, hop count, load, communication cost, and reliability to select optimized route for your network connection.

Metric calculation is an automatic process which runs for each connection available or network interface. If metric calculation is not providing best results, then the user can disable automatic option of metric calculation and set metric value manually.

Steps to set metric calculation manually:

  • Just press start>control panel, and then select network connection options. In vista you just go to network and sharing center, and then choose manage network connection.
  •  Now right click on local area connection and select properties. If there is any other connectivity option available like wireless network, so you can select it for later process.
  • Here you will get list to choose internet protocol. There are two versions available of internet protocol such as IP6 or IP4. You can choose whichever is flashing on your screen.
  • In internet protocol properties dialog box,  you just click on advanced button
  • There are many options you will get under advanced option. You have to choose IP setting option.
  • Now uncheck automatic settings option.
  • In interface text box you just type 1 and 9999 metric value
  • click ok to save changes and close all tabs


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