Disable USB Ports Using NetWrix USB Blocker

There is no doubt that USB port feature of the computer is quite useful from all perspectives.  People normally use USB ports to connect their USB device in order to transfer files, be it for uploading or downloading files. It is normal for us to carry data in USB Pen-drive and other devices, as we can use it to access data in any computer.

However, you need to lockdown your USB ports in order to keep them safe and to protect your confidential corporate and personal data from being stolen. It means anyone can easily plug-in your USB device in a computer and transfer confidential files and you cannot trace it.



Therefore, disabling or locking down USB Ports is the best alternative to protect your confidential contents and data form unauthorized access.  The latest utility named NetWrix Blocker allows you to lockdown USB ports for defined time period, according to your convenience. Additionally, you can protect your computer from being attacked by malware or Trojans with the help of this utility.

NetWrix Blocker is a freeware, which runs on Microsoft Group Policy Management (GPMC). It means you do not need to install it on client’s computer in case of remote access. This utility tool allows you get access to remote computer and lockdown USB ports of remote computers easily in order to prevent them from getting stolen. If you think it is useful and suitable then download it.


  1. I work in the compliance department for a state-funded agency and FISMA is at the heart of what my daily responsibilities address. I’m responsible for ensuring that all USB ports are properly protected and monitored–preventing the import and export of data via USB ports, and we use NetWrix USB Blocker for this. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the bigger products have, but it’s by far the cheapest of what I saw, and it gets the job done for us. Kudos to NetWrix for this one.


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