Simple Procedure To Disable Windows Vista And XP From Prompting For Password On Wake Up From Sleep/Standby Mode

Whenever you put your desktop computer into a sleep (standby incase of Windows XP) or hibernation mode, you must have noticed that the system gets locked up at the log on screen prompting you to input user password for unlocking the system and entering the desktop.

The same thing happens when you close the lid of your laptop, unless you have specifically disabled sleep mode on lid closing. Locking up of PC after going to sleep/ standby/ hibernation mode is an ideal security measure as signed in user is away from the machine and a prompt for password to unlock ensures data protection from strangers and hackers.

However, sometimes this creates genuine problems for legitimate usage. Incase of a standalone home PC, the user finds it quite annoying to re-enter password again and again. Also, in a company in which no sensitive data is been handled, another user will unnecessarily have to risk break the logged in session of an existing user in order to log on to the locked PC.

Nevertheless, you can now make some settings in your Windows system to disable it from asking user password whenever it resumes from sleep/ standby/ hibernation mode.

Follow these steps if you are a Windows Vista user.

Follow these steps if you are a Windows XP user.

Once you make these settings, Windows will no longer prompt for password after it resumes from sleep/ standby/ hibernation mode.

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