Valuable Guidelines To Disable Or Turn Off Windows Media Center (WMC) In Windows Vista

Windows Media Center application offered by Windows Vista is perfect for users who wish to turn their computer system into a home-entertainment center which can be easily managed with the help of special remote control. This exclusive Windows Media Center (WMC/MCE) is generally included in Vista Ultimate and Home Premium editions of Windows Vista.

Some Vista Ultimate and Home Premium users might not find this feature interesting or useful. However, it is important to note that Windows Media Center cannot be uninstalled directly by using “Uninstall Programs & Features” from Control Panel. It is also not possible to turn it off from Windows Features page as it does not appear over there.

As Windows Media Centre happens to be an integrated part of Windows Vista operating system, it cannot be removed or uninstalled. You may however turn off or disable the WMC service so that it does not start or run even if you press the WMC button.

There exist a number of ways by which you can successfully disable the Windows Media Center (WMC) or stop it from executing in Windows Vista.

Lets start with the costliest and simplest of all ie to Switch to Non-Premium Windows Vista editions

This might possibly be a costly workaround. You may switch to non-premium Vista editions such as Windows Vista Business and Vista Home Basic which do not include Windows Media Center (WMC) in the package.

Now I’m sure it’s not worth to go the costly way and hence these following links will surely help you achieve the same without any hassles:

1> Simple technique to Uninstall / Delete / Disable / Remove Windows Media Center,

2> Simple way to Stop Windows Media Center Services from Startup,

3> Step by step method to Disable Windows Media Center From Registry / Group Policy


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