MyUninstaller is an excellent replacement tool for the standard Add/Remove applets provided by the Windows. It displays a thorough list of installed applications in use in your system. With this comprehensive list, you can easily choose to uninstall any application, delete an uninstalled program. You can re-save this new list of installed applications in a text file or html format.

What sets MyUninstaller apart from the standard Add/ Remove applets? This tool displays the complete details of the applications installed in your system unlike the Windows standard applets. They allow you to access imperative details like, product name, company, version, source folder, file etc. This application does not require the installation of any other program, software or additional DLLs for its activation. All you need to do is copy the particular file to a folder and click on “RUN”.

Once this software gets activated, it will display a list of applications loaded in the system from the Registry. It will gather all the possible information about each and every application on the list for your information. The display time of this list will not take more than 15 seconds, depending on your hardware and operating system. This application also gives you the provision of de-selecting the files that you had earlier selected for deletion.

The striking advantage of this application is that it is immensely compatible with all the versions of Windows. It can be easily accessed by versions starting from Windows 98 until Windows Vista. You can also easily run this program in the command-line options.

[ Download MyUninstaller ]


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