Display Results Of Various Search Engines

Searching from various search engines can be extremely hectic and confusing, but now you can easily display results of various search engines on a single page. It will help the user save time and get the best available results for the desired topic.

The plug-in for Google Unified Search needs to be added to the Firefox browser. This will allow results from various search engines to be displayed on a single window. Google Unified Search is integrated with numerous search engines like Bing, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia.

The add-on displays results from Bing and Google on a single page. Users can find a control at the topmost corner, which will allow the user to switch from one search engine to the other. The button is to be clicked to get the results from different search engines.

The helpful and convenient Google Unified Search can be downloaded from the following link Here:


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