Displaying Text on the Taskbar Buttons in the Environment of Windows 7

You might have already noticed that the Windows 7 only displays button which is icon based on the taskbar and they will not have any text marked on it. It is difficult sometimes to recognize the application that is running by just taking a look at that icon until the user clicks on them.

If you’re still unable to get used to the icon based button, and if you wish to display the text as in the previous operating system versions like Windows XP or Vista, you could easily revert to those styles by following some of the simple configuration methods mentioned below:

1. You need to first right click on the empty section of Taskbar, and select the last option, Properties.

2. Under the Taskbar menu, you should go to the Taskbar buttons box and drop it down where you will get the option “Always combine, hide labels”. Change it “Never combine” or maybe “Combine when taskbar is full“. The option of “Combine when taskbar is full” will group the same program buttons whereas the option “Never combine” will disable that grouping.

3. If the user wants make the icon into smaller icons as that in case of Windows XP or Vista, they can just tick the option “Use small icons”.

4. Just click OK for saving the setting.


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