Distinguish shared folders in your machine

When we have to share a huge chunk of files, we usually don’t attach the files and send them via email, but we rather tend to share the folders. Sharing files or folders via network is the most convenient way to transfer data. After we share any files or folder we often forget to un-share it, and because of which our computer becomes a potential threat to unknown viruses. 

When you share any files or folders through network, you open the door for your remote users, who can steal you valuable data or any kind of information.



Steps to identify the shared folders in your machine for Windows XP:

Using command prompt: 

  • Clicks on Start, then click on Run and then type cmd after that hit enter.
  • Once the command prompt opens, type net share, press enter after that.



Using windows interface:

  • Then choose manage after right clicking on My Computer.
  • Expand Shared Folders on the right side of window called Computer Management and then select shares folder.
  • Your work is done

 By doing this you can find out if there are any your shared folders on your computer. This makes sure that you are not allowing any unauthorized third party to access to your PC.


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