Get the Most from Your Windows PC

Windows is progressing each day which is aimed to provide its users the ultimate satisfaction of using a computer. Being one of the best and most user friendly operating system, Windows is launching more advanced and easier interfaces from time to time. Windows Vista when hit the market had been a real hit with all the patronized users of Windows. However, this version when used over time proved to have many drawbacks and compatibility issues unlike the previous versions of this operating system.

Many users have complained of Windows Vista being difficult to use, bloated, and having many compatible issues, not very user friendly, inconvenient, not stable, and many more. This was a tough situation as there were no new computers available with Windows XP installed in it as it had phased after the launch of Windows Vista. All the notebook computer brands like Dell, HP, Sony, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Acer, and many other had already shipped their entire stock that had Vista installed.

This proved to be a real problem as any PC bought had Vista, and the legitimate CDs available to uninstall Vista and install Windows XP were available at the fee of $50 or above. These were launched by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). If any customer desires to downgrade Windows Vista to Windows XP, then he needs to attain this CD in order to accomplish it. These CDs are not available from any outlet for free.

The CD produced by OEM with their copyrights has license terms written for it. This CD allows it users to change from Windows Vista to Windows XP. For downgrading the users can use the Volume Licensing Media, System Builder Hologram CD, or retail. The downgrading is done according to the terms and License of Windows. There are no rights granted for downgrading. The process is easy and very user friendly.

The advancement of technology really frees the load off your pocket. In order to downgrade easy and free, first retrieve and note down the product key of the currently installed Windows Vista or Windows Ultimate. There are numerous tools available to find the product key of the installed window in case you forgot the key. Even the OEM sticker on the machine casing can give you this information.

Get a valid and legitimate CD of Windows XP, make sure not to use any pirated copies for downgrading. Log on to Windows after installation is complete. When you log on you will be prompted to activate Windows. If not then go to Start -> All Programs ->System Tools -> Activate Windows. You can also do this by right clicking on Computer and selecting “Click Here to Activate Windows”. Then click “Yes I want to telephone a customer service representation to activate Windows now to use automated phone system to activate Windows”.

An installation ID is now displayed on the screen in Step 3, and in step 1 there is an option for you to select the location that you are nearest to. Now select your country and the toll free and toll numbers by which you will connect to the Microsoft Customer Care is displayed on the screen. Now dial to call the displayed number.

An automated voice recognition system will guide you through some simple processes, after which you will be connected to a human customer care representative. You will be asked to enter the Installation ID by the phone system. Here keep entering wrong values so that you are allowed to speak to a customer care representative.

Now you need to inform the customer care representative that you would like to degrade from the Windows Vista or Windows Ultimate to Windows XP. Now you will be asked for the product key of your current Windows Vista and also the source that you used to install it.

After the customer care has finished the validation, you will be given a confirmation ID that needs to be entered in the above step. You may even ask for a new product key of Windows XP.


  1. I have lenovo pc bundled with licensed windows vista business and want to downgrade the operating system to windows XP profession. How can I have a windows xp professional with its product key.


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