FBackup is an excellent backup program for your Microsoft Windows. This application is just not another backup tool hitting the e-market. FBackup adds an innovative feature to the backup process by offering numerous plug-ins. With the help of these plug-ins you can now prepare a back-up copy for the specific file or the data in the Windows. In addition, it bears all the features and functionalities that make it a reliable back-up tool for Windows users.

This application has a simple to operate interface. It is accompanied by a wizard at the time of installation. This wizard offers easy to follow instructions to help users understand the entire functionality of the program. Some of the key features guided by the wizard are its capacity to ensure an automatic backup of the files with the help of the scheduling option. Secondly, it also allows users to backup files with the means of standard zip compression. The strong point of this tool is that it retains the layout of the original file in the backup copy as well. You can further edit or run other actions after or before saving the backup copy of the file. This tool allows you to select multiple destinations for saving your back-up files.

FBackup is a reliable tool to ensure the protection of your sensitive data and private files. Its inbuilt feature of automatic backup saves your important data from complete or partial damage. Further, it makes your backup copies password protected. It saves all the files in a compressed manner to save maximum storage area in your hard drive.

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