Google has recently released a Quick Search Box especially for Mac. The QSB is a highly potent and flexible tool that can do a lot of different things.

It is an open source Google application that enables users to search data on computer and internet on MAC. The Google Search Box allows users the flexibility of launching applications and performing search results with effortlessness.

The Google Quick Search Box is quite comparable to Windows edition of Google Desktop. Yet there are a few differences. The chief difference between Google Desktop and Google Quick Search Box (QSB) is that the Quick Search Box allows the user to launch applications which is not achievable in Google Desktop.

What is really unique about QSB is that it is one of the very limited Google products which were developed first for the Mac. This product is now being translated to other platforms. The QSB also share a developer (Alcor) with an additional and comparable Mac utility called the Quicksilver which

Installing QSB helps the user reorganize and simplify his work flow. The QSB is a rather multifunctional tool in that it provides ready access to the files and folders, launches applications, searches the web, and provides quick access to the Google Docs files. It also provides numerous other tools. The user can personalize QSB to suit his needs. There are a countless basic options that allow the user to general settings, keyboard shortcuts and also adjust the application theme.

The user may also modify a few settings from the options in the results section. The user may select “Hide QSB when it becomes active” option to ensure that QSB disappears whenever another item or is selected. The drop-down menu in the ‘number of results’ allows the user to select the number of results that appear in QSB when carrying out a search. There are various more modifications allowed in notifications, themes, and searchable items that help personalize the QSB.

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