Download Adobe Reader X (10) With Protected Mode Sandbox

Adobe Reader is a free application that has been universally adopted for printing and viewing PDF files. If you want to try out the features and superior attributes of free PDF viewer, Adobe has introduced a new adobe reader called as Adobe Reader X or 10.

The latest launch of the Adobe Reader is featured with the “Adobe Reader Protected Mode” for checking out the PDF files with more security. You get the capability to publish feedback with the help of Sticky Notes and highlighter tools, Along with experiencing more types of contents such as multimedia elements, videos, spreadsheets, email messages and drawing.

Features of Adobe Reader X

• View and communicate with PDF files, which incorporate a wider spectrum of contents such as email, drawing, videos, multimedia elements and spreadsheets.
• Make notes and share feedback with other people through tagging PDF docs, which can be done easily with the help of highlighter and Sticky notes.
• You can select those modes for reading which will fit more content on screen like two-up mode for viewing the two spreads of a page. It enables you to make use of keyboard shortcut features such as zoom, find option, and print.
• It allows you to view files in secure mode with “security protected mode in reader.”
• It gives direct access to Adobe website for online services, such as performing common task of creating pdf file, screen sharing and storing documents.
• It offers additional access to PDF file through window mobiles, Smartphone etc.

Adobe Reader X 10.0.0 for Windows Direct Download Links Here.
Adobe Reader X 10.0.0 for Mac OS X (Intel) Direct Download Links Here.

Adobe reader gives you a lot of flexibility is that have not been made available in the previous versions. Undoubtedly it is one of the best readers that is universally accepted by the people using computers.


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