Today, systems are loaded with highly advanced tools that enhance their speed and performance output. Features like dual core processor, memory capacity of 4GB etc are designed to enable the user to multi-task at a much faster pace. Moreover, with numerous broad bands, providing efficient internet connection, on the rise, users can now access internet services to conduct prompt searches for the desired information. However, there are there side-effects of such advancements which one cannot easily discount. The more software you install for the better performance of the system, the more vulnerable it would become to contracting spyware, adware and virus. Once your system gets affected by virus, all the other remote systems connected with the infected system through a common network will contract virus system.

Even if you eliminate the virus using any freeware anti-virus software, you storage device would not retain its previous performance output. You will notice a drastic drop in your system’s efficiency even after completely ridding it of the infecting virus. But not any more! With the potent features of BitDefender Rescue CD, you can safely clean and remove the virus from your system and maintain its efficacy. BitDefender Rescue CD is a bootable disk that will launch an effective anti-virus application to detect and eliminate the virus attacking your system. The CD has been launched by one of the most potent software, BitDefender. Before booting your system using this CD, make sure to connect it with the internet so that the software can search for the updated virus definition from net. Hence, for maintaining the smooth functioning of your system, just install this CD on a frequent basis to avoid malicious invasions by a foreign software or virus.

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