The Yahoo! Widget Engine is a runtime engine highly compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. This engine lets you run widgets on your desktop and brings you the latest news from your most used internet services. Via these installed widgets, you promptly get updated with all the latest information that hits the web. You further do not have to waste your time surfing the latest news. You can locate numerous widgets on your desktop to get a glanced view of the hot news. Yahoo! Widget Engine gives you an option of choosing your favorite widget from a bank of more than 4,000 desktop widgets. One of the most recent widget that has gained immense popularity since its launch is CallWave Yahoo Widget.

CallWave Yahoo Widget is a free text messaging widget. This widget lets you send SMSs to any cell number. It is has an extremely easy to use interface which can be easily comprehended by novice users. Once you reach the text messaging page, you will see three empty boxes; Test Message box, name box and number box. You will also be given an option to select the country of origin of the addressed person. Once you fill in the details and click on the option “click”, the receiver will receive the message instantly.

CallWave Yahoo widget also enables to send across your voice mails to your friends and colleagues. It offers you a variety of tools that ease your distant communication with your friends and family. You can personalize your widgets’ layout and easily drag and place them at any convenient place at your desktop.

[ Download CallWave Yahoo Widget ]


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