Download Effectual Beam Reader PDF Viewer For Android Phones Free

For an Android phone user who need to see PDF email documents and attachments stored on their phone in PDF form, Beam Reader PDF Viewer is a must have application. It delivers documents of PDF in their unique desktop quality, on the device itself and at quick speed.

This PDF viewer application gives expedient document steering, text search, granular zoom, support for embedded links, support for bookmarks and many more. It is the most advanced PDF viewer technology existing in the market for Android devices.

Powerful Features of Beam Reader PDF Viewer


Exhibit Original PDF Fonts:

Contrasting solution that makes use of alternate fonts, Beam Reader demonstrates all original PDF fonts. Because of this, PDF document seem precisely as it appears on a PC.


Supported Formats:


  • Scanned PDF’s
  • MS Office Documents
  • PDF Documents
  • Audio Files
  • Video Files

Fully Secure and Native Solution – Beam Reader does not ask for any pre-processing from the server side to present the PDF document.



No Network Connectivity or Data Plan Required:

Since Beam Reader is basically a PDF viewing solution, therefore one does not require a data plan to utilize it. Also network connectivity is not requisite at all.

Some More Additional Features:


  • Bookmarks
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy document navigation
  • Supports password protected PDF


The proficiency of Beam Reader can be demonstrated by the fact that thirty thousand users used it satisfactorily in the first two weeks of its release, which is by downloading it free of cost from here, and you could still is downloaded if you need it.


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