Download Extraoutlook V1.2 To Open Two Microsoft Outlook Instances

Most of time, the Microsoft Outlook service users might need to open two different Microsoft Outlook profiles at the same time. Additionally, you may perhaps open two Microsoft Outlook windows all together but the second one window will be identical to the first one and that will not help out to the users.

However, it will not happen with a simple software utility in place. The software ExtraOutlook v1.2 supports you to open an extra Microsoft Outlook profile, which can be linked to dissimilar substitute server at the same time in one PC system. This feature enables extra proficient multi-tasking environment for the Microsoft outlook users.

Download a zip file of ExtraOutlook, extract it and then save it below C:\ExtraOutlook. So as to run it properly, you have to open a command prompt then put the following commands given below:

1) Unzip the ExtraOutlook and save to C:\ExtraOutlook
2) Type the following commands: extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe” /profile “Karl Gechlik” in the command prompt.
3) Hit enter to carry out the command
4) Second occasion of Outlook will be opened

On the other hand, you can copy the following commands in the notepad and then save it as a Batch File, by giving the name ExtraOutlook.bat:

cd c:\ExtraOutlook
extraoutlook.exe “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\Outlook.exe” /profile “Karl Gechlik”

When you execute the ExtraOutlook.bat batch file, the second instance of Outlook will be launched. The ExtraOutlook performs fine in Microsoft Outlook 2003 as well as 2007.  You should be able to run this feature easily on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems.


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