The Android market is now abuzz with the news if the EZTV Droid, a free app, wherein users can look for TV Torrents and download the ones they want directly to utorrent from their Android services. They can also look up for earlier torrents which may be lines up on EZTV, but for all this the users have to have their uTorrent WebU1 activated.

Only then you can utilize EZTV Droid as an interface for uTorrent and download, even without his presence in front of the PC. Now, this is quite exciting for EZTV Lovers, for they can not only get many new features, they can also be updated on the new releases. Also as a rapid downloader, you can get to search the latest torrents from you phone and send them via EZTV Droid too.

The best aspect of EZTV is that you can send torrents directly to Windows BIT Torrent client uTorrent and control them from your phone. There is in fact no need to worry, for other clients like Mac Favourite Transmission too get support. The present version of EZTV Droid is no doubt very limited but is certainly very effective. The future holds great hope to add many more new features-favourite shows and get notifications on new releases depending on the users’ choice.

The EZTV group is pretty smug about the Android app, and allows developers to be more creative with their solutions to build up their sites into mobile devices. It can be very useful for developers as great opportunities can come their way. The outcome will definitely bring in several other committed apps and services of the well known TV-Torrent site.

It can further search TV shows by the title link words. uTorrent is the only client supported by the app, but many more are sure to follow.

You can look for some main features:-

Supports uTorrent –you are able to send a file straight to uTorrent by just pressing long on a TV show.
– uTorrent mini controller- Enables you to perform actions like stop, pause, force start, unpause, remove and remove data actions.
You have a download viewer too.
You can share with Facebook and Twitter.
Add list of your favorites and filter the list.
List the latest TV shows.

[ Download EZTVDroid ]


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