FlightGear is a software program which allows you to simulate all that is connected with the operations of aircrafts and air traveling. You can select the type of aircrafts from the vintage ones to the latest and you can have as many airports as you want and select the schedules as per your choice. You can be a pilot or an air traffic controller as per your wish.

FlightGear is open source software and is compatible with many operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. The program has excellent and unique features which make it standout from the competition. As a pilot you can fly in bad weather conditions, dodge air traffic control and also indulge in a game with multiple players over the network.

The graphics of the application is marvelous and is absolutely realistic. You can also add your own graphics to any extent where your imagination takes you. The interface is easy to use and you can put your favorite options on the screen rather than using the menus. Graphics may not look so jazzy, but the performance is superb.

Some of the noted weaknesses are in ground handling, not so prefect audio and the absence of a collision detection system. Since the development of FlightGear is still going on, one can expect many more innovations in the future versions.

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