We’ve already seen a couple of freely available screen capturing software and to add to the list, today I shall be reviewing another free screen capturing software Gadwin PrintScreen.

Gadwin PrintScreen is an utility tool that captures the entire content on your system’s screen at the stroke of a button. Experienced users claim this tool as a better alternative to PrintScreen utility in Windows XP / Vista. The screen captured with the help of Gadwin PrintScreen can be further sent to the printer. You can also save it on recordable media like disc in 6 different formats. This tool has the capacity to take the screenshot of the entire the entire Windows screen, specified window or the active window.

After downloading this tool in your system, you simply need to press the button PrintScreen to capture the screen shot of your active window. However, users can also set other keys to capture the picture of your windows. This tool allows users to easily email the captured image to your peers and colleagues. This application is a potent combination of premium screen capturing power and advanced image editing tools.

This is one of the ideal utility tools to display your product on the web. You can further take a screen shot of your sales and technical documents. You can further compile them into one presentation and share it across with your clients and colleagues. This is one of the best tools so far to capture and automatically print the data on your computer’s screen. It easily captures some of the most difficult tough-to-capture arenas of your system like different shaped cursors. It is available for free download to all the users. You just need to visit the website and download the link on your system.

[ Download Gadwin PrintScreen ]


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